A Curly Pig’s Tale of Two Cities

Early Cincinnati

We reached Cincinnati on the 10th of February. It is finely situated on the south side of a hill that rises gently from the waters edge….

We were soon settled in to our new dwelling, which looked neat and comfortable enough, but we speedily found that it was devoid of nearly all the accommodation that Europeans conceive necessary to decency and comfort. No pump, no cistern, no drain of any kind, no dustman’s cart, or any other visible means of getting rid of the rubbish, which vanishes with such celerity in London that one has no time to think of its existence; but which accumulated so rapidly at Cincinnati, that I sent for my landlord to know in what manner refuse of all kinds was to be disposed of.

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How is garbage collection dealt with?
unfortunately, there is not any unit solution for this complication. In most cities, the dangerous hospital and industrial trash and garbage are released in the main rivers of towns and countries. In the other cities, the garbage will be burned in the gardens and villages far from the city center. In the other word, the way of garbage collection and restore is not invented yet!

Early Cincinnati

Your help will just have to fire them all in the middle of the street, but you must mind, old woman, that it is the middle. I expect you don’t know as we have got a law what forbids throwing such things at the sides of the streets; they must just all be cast right into the middle, and the pigs soon takes them off.

An American blogger asks me…

what foods, if any, are generally not eaten or possibly considered taboo?
Iran has exactly 30 provinces made by dissimilar and various tribes with their own foods, dressing and formalities. More than 1000 types of Persian foods and cuisines are being cooked in all around the country but because of Islamic laws and commands, the eating of pig, snake and other unlawful and ceremonially unclean meat animals is prohibited.

Early Cincinnati,

In truth the pigs are constantly seen doing Herculean service in this way through every quarter of the city; and though it is not very agreeable to live surrounded by herds of these unsavoury animals, it is well they are so numerous, and so active in their capacity of scavengers, for without them the streets would soon be choked up with all sorts of substances, in every stage of decomposition.

Early Cincinnati – February 10, 1828, Eyewitness to America, edited by David Colbert

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