Why be upset over another casino?

The new Nooksack casino is a hot issue. There are groups popping up, it’s in the paper, it’s on the news, there are special meetings, etc. Talk of agriculture vs. casino. This morning’s news even had a story about nails being spread in the site driveway. Accident or vandalism?

The other night Joe Teehan was talking about it. I didn’t catch enough to find his position, but did hear enough to hear again, what I think is the key question.

Why are people so upset at a casino?

I’m upset, and don’t want a casino up in Lynden. I don’t want one in Ferndale, or Seattle, or Spokane, or Sumas or next door.

Would I be as upset with a mall or a church? I would be sad at the loss of agriculture land, but not as upset as a casino.

It is no surprise that the majority of people are upset, because the majority of people in Washington told our state government not to allow them.

Decades ago the people of our state got together and outlawed these types of casinos. They didn’t want to live amidst the decadence and corruption that can surround casinos. They didn’t want our state to turn out like Nevada.

The Nooksack are allowed to build casinos here because they are truly a nation of their own that the Federal government has generously allowed to exist in the US. They are subject only to the rules negotiated with the Federal Government, not the Laws of Washington. Washington residents have to live with it whether we like it or not.

I am upset that the Nooksack take from our community, charity, social programs, infrastructure funding, education funding and burden our jails and law enforcement. In return they choose to do what ever suits them with blatant disregard for what the people of Washington desire.


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