Hillary Clinton

I was so excited about Hillary’s news that I went straight over to Hillary for President to see what was happening. I was even more excited to see that she is a blogger.

HillaryClinton.com – Action – Write Our First Blog Post
If you’d like to write the very first guest post on the HillaryClinton.com blog, submit your entry in the form below. And if you already have your own blog or other website, please post your entry there and let us know about it. We’ll select one entry as the first guest post on our blog.

What an exciting opportunity. I wrote this as a potential 1st post:

I do not think your ideals represent the right direction for our nation and will not be voting for you.


Do you think I’ll win? huh, do ya, do ya


2 Responses to “Hillary Clinton”

  1. wally says:

    I don’t think my comment on Hillary’s “blog” will accomplish anything. I think it was funny.

    Way back when I started college, I was an atheist Democrat. But I recovered by reading atheist theology, Islamic, Christian etc.

    By the way, did you just cast a reincarnation spell on me? That’s cool!

    oops, that was a cheap shot, but heck you called me a communist and said that 75% of the world hates me.

    To quote a young, yet wise Veggie “God is bigger than the Boogey Man

  2. Craig says:

    Gee Wally do you really wonder why you are hated by 75% of the county? Do you really think that by posting that on Hillary Clintons blog you will get the desperately needed attention you so desire? Do you really think that you will stop her single handedly? I’m sorry but you are in the wrong state and wrong county (not to mention wrong country you communist) to really make that much difference. Do you really believe that by ranting about how wrong everyone else is that you aren’t really screaming for how wrong christianity is? How would you feel if I SHOVED my beliefs of Wicca down your throat? How would you like to be told you are going to be reincarnated as an atheist democrat when you die? Move to lynden with the rest of the religious wrong and go to “hell” with them.