It’s not news.

KGMI put a news blurb up on their website about changes in the gambling laws.

KGMI-Local lawmaker opposes new gambling compact
The State Legislature gets a briefing tomorrow on a gambling agreement between the Spokane Indian Tribe and the State. State Representative Doug Ericksen of Whatcom County is opposed to the deal. He says the proposed compact would allow no-limit betting on table games. The Ferndale Republican is worried that other tribes would eventually be allowed to do the same thing.

They made it sound like the no limit betting was the only issue. Nothing about the Governors new powers, 2 more casinos per tribe, coin operated machines and so on. But it was a mention.

On the 19th I sent a news tip letter to the Herald. Being the savvy news hounds that they are, I knew that it was not news to them. Well it’s been a few days now so I thought I would post the tip and you could follow the links.

The Governor and the Gambling commission are changing the rules for Tribal casinos. This is happening now. Doug Erickson was on the Debbie Chavez show today describing the changes that will be happening in our state and our county. Upon hearing Doug, reading and and
I can see it is going to have more impact on our region than the Northwood Casino.

I suggest you contact Doug Erickson if you haven’t done so already.



Following up this post, the Herald did finally run the story. 

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