Lummi Island Ferry and the Sovereignty Card


The Sovereignty card is what the Lummi Nation plays to avoid considering how their behavior affects others in Whatcom County.  It’s the card they are playing in the still current Ferry situation and it’s the same card they played to construct the Northwood Casino and others.   This sign is a great example of them playing the card,

The sign stands 78 feet tall and features an LED display that measures 14 feet by 48 feet. That’s greater than what’s allowed under state law but the billboard is located on trust land.

It only takes reading about half that short paragraph above to realize that they believe the sovereignty card trumps being part of Washington or even the Whatcom community if they stand to gain financially.  In the case of the  Lummi Island Ferry the sovereignty card is an excuse to extort money directly from Whatcom County over the use of the ferry landing. 

It’s time for the Lummi Nation to join the local community or it’s time for the local community to really embrace the Lummi Nation’s sovereignty and build us a border complete with guards and chain-link fence.

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