Bellingham Herald Online moving in correct (not right) direction

Not that long ago the Herald remodeled their website with an obvious shift towards the electronic interactive media. Articles made it online relatively quick and selected articles would accept online comments for a somewhat interactive news experience. While I still don’t agree with the liberal bias of the paper, I will admit they have done an admirable job of making the electronic shift. Many more articles have comment sections giving a more involved feel. When we can comment directly back to all writings including individual’s letters to the editor, that will be something cool.

OK, why I even brought this up was because of this evolutionary step that was taken by Dean Kahn; soliciting opinion in sort of a psuedo-blog. Great idea, it’s just that I don’t think anyone knows about this or the other of the Heralds electronic efforts. So I don’t know if this is freshly baked new or day old and stale. Their were no comments. So I commented.

The Bellingham Herald / deanblog / Join the conversation: When should students make up snow days?
Should the school board shorten winter or spring break to make up for snow days? I’m going to be looking into it today and would appreciate knowing your concerns and opinions. Just click on “comment” at the top of this story and I’ll respond thoughout the day.

My comment:

Strictly speaking, my wife and I are in favor of making up the snow days by dropping breaks and not extending the school year.

This question also begs another: How effective are the days our kids spend at school?
If kids are only spending 40% of their day studying the basics, then why not just shift the percentage to 60% by sacrificing, art, band, etc. It doesn’t have anything to do with 180 days, but it is a better way of judging instruction time. This is the type of instruction that will help kids learn other things and at the very least it will better their results on the WASL. Think of your own work, do your editors require you to spend 5 days on an article or to get the article done regardless of how much or how little time it takes.

I think many people would be amazed at what a small percentage of a students day, is spent doing basic studies. I’d like to see this this number reported the same way the budget numbers show how much money is for teachers vs. administration.

Then we’d get to the root of the problem.

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