What is the source for your morality?

What brought this up was a post in Bellingham Craigslist: Rants & Raves section. Craigslist can be a little scary and I don’t advise parents to have their kids sitting with them while they browse the listings.

The correct answers are what is right for you and what every one else thinks does not matter. Each person picks their own life choices such as religion, sexuality, birth control or none, and the right to manufacture a birth or end a birth is based on individual situations because only you decide what is morally and ethicaly acceptable for yourself. I appreciate hearing you Rant about Pro-Life because this is a responsibility all young men and women should think about and I would respect a persons choice even if it was religiously based. I personally do not let a religion influence my personal educated choices although I am a very spiritual person.

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For a short time in my life I looked to myself for morality and now count myself lucky that I didn’t have to make any big impact moral decisions during that time. We as humans are pretty poor at determining our own morals. Look at this case; the post author has determined it is OK, to kill a child. Most who have raised children will attest to the fact that they are animals. Thankfully they are built to accept our instructions and we can teach them morality. I would venture to say that someone along the way, tried to teach the author not to cheat, lie, steal, kill etc. And like it or not, accept it or not, these are religious morals. And also thankfully, for the time being, we are still influenced by Judeo/Christian morals that were dominant in our history and are still written in our laws. Teach your children well.

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