Integrity and the Bellingham Herald?

I wish I could stop beating this horse, but it’s not dead yet.

Another planted letter from someone who is not just some guy. Well maybe he is to most, but not to Libertarian Bruce Guthrie whose appearance at the Mize Meeting he wrote about. According to Bruce Guthrie’s website, Fred James is his buddy and “main support at the forum,” he also drove the candidate there, took photos for the website, distributed literature, and led a questioning assault on opposition candidates.

I’m finding fault with the Herald, not Mr. Guthrie nor Mr. James; well maybe Mr. James for being a little sneaky. I do continue to fault the Herald for printing letters from campaign workers without identifying them as such.

The Herald has the resources and I hope ability to properly identify letter writers. It is there choice to run letters with signatures as submitted, or require apt titles.

Letter regarding Bruce Guthrie was signed this

Fred James


Would the letter carry the same weight if it were signed;

Fred James

Guthrie for US Senate ’06 (L)


Again, I’m just after a little shred of integrity on the part of the Heralds editorial board.

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