I am a bigoted homophobic jerk!

Or so I’ve been told. By someone who was obviously more advanced than I am. I made this comment in response to Legislature should write domestic partnership law.

I am against granting additional rights to anyone based on basically anything, race, religion, or sexual disorientation.

I was greeted with this:

…and your little “disorientation” comment already shows how you have approached the issue as a bigoted homophobic jerk.

Oh, now that I read it again, I see that STFU was not actually calling me a “bigoted homophobic jerk.” STFU was merely observing that I “approached the issue as a bigoted homophobic jerk.” I’m sure that STFU would never judge anyone.

What is an STFU anyway? Is that like Anonymous? Wikipedia says that it may stand for “Shut The F*** Up. However, it couldn’t be that, because even insensitive me, wouldn’t say that and STFU must be more sensitive than I.

But don’t a lot of people feel disoriented with all the orientations that the secular world is making out to be OK? It was easy to orient when there were only boys and girls. I ran across Dan Sytman’s post U.W. students launch new sexual orientation terms that included this vocabulary link.

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