Popularity Contest

I occasionally look at my blogs statistics. There is actually more information available than I know what to do with; hits, unique hits, whether visitor use IE or Firefox, Mac or Windows, country, etc..

There are two stats I do look at every month or so: post popularity and search strings. Both, recently offered pleasant surprises.

Post Popularity is pretty straight forward. Which post had the most visits, not when they were on the front page, but when people actually went to them from other site links or from searches. For awhile a post on a Charlie Sheen show was most popular and I just thought what a said state of affairs we are in that a lame post on a lame topic came out ahead. The surprise was that recently a couple of post have pushed Charlie back into 3rd place. And they are two posts that I feel a bit more pride about, Does a PreBirth Baby Feel Pain? and late comer Jefferson’s Koran.

Search Strings are a listing of what people put in the search box that lead them to actually coming to your site. A lot of people arrive having searched for Bellingham, Conservative, Liberal, or whatever. Looking at them this time was real similar to what I found with pages above. The most popular search string was “raccoon dog” followed with numerous combinations of Kyle Snyder, deserter, AWOL, etc. So again top honors was going to a lame post about faux fur coats. Not much to be proud of there. But then, from off the chart, “Dillon Honcoop” rockets in and ties with “raccoon dog” for 1st place. It’s great to see that a conservative sounding guy with half of a radio show can out google a dog with an identity crisis.

Ok, that’s it for this morning. The world is getting back on track.

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One Response to “Popularity Contest”

  1. Steve says:

    You’ve become my daily “editorial page”. Better, and WAY more thoughtful than the one churned out by the Bellingham Herald.