Mel Gibson – Hero

He has contributed so much as an actor and producer. He is a rare part of Hollywood that strives towards a higher standard. His personal production about the death of Christ showed how much he is willing to risk.

This week he got drunk and said some things he shouldn’t. Then he owned up to what he did, acknowledged that it was wrong, and apologized. Yes, his remarks were not in good taste. But I think anyone who was raised by extremely anti-Semitic parents is bound to have some baggage. I think he has done a great job overcoming his upbringing. How many generations did it take to squelch racism against Blacks? Mel is doing a pretty commendable job in one generation. We should all have such discipline.

It is too bad that the media is crucifying Mel for poor judgment in what he said while drunk. Contrast that to media that is making heroes and victims of Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, etc… for their brutal murderous actions against Jews. I wish even a few Muslims had the fortitude of Mel Gibson, the strength to ask why their parents taught them to hate Jews.

Mel said some things that, although in poor taste, he has a right to say. Even if Mel intended what he said. He did not walk into a Jewish business and start gunning down people. He did not kidnap and behead Jews. He did not fire thousands of missles into Jewish neighborhoods. He did not strap bombs to his children and buy them lunch at an Israeli café.

Be outraged at Islam who teaches hatred of Jews and Christians to their children.

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