WWU Bullied into Dropping Course Offering

It’s was all the buzz on the liberal blogs yesterday, so I’m sure it will end up in the news sometime today, if it’s not already there now. You can see the first 3 links below for the sordid details. I was going to include some quotes, but I’ve read the word “nativist” more times than I can handle in one sitting. Maybe Carl Shook should lay claim to another word.

WWU was going to offer a course studying the history of protesting in America when we feel the government is not fulfilling its Constitutional responsibilities. It was going to be taught be Tom Williams whose resume was posted as follows:

Tom Williams is the founder and the First Commander of the
Washington State Minuteman Detachment. He holds a BA from
the United States Naval Academy and a PhD from the University
of Denver. He practiced in trauma psychology, a field in which
he lectured and published. He was an adjunct professor at the
University of Denver and an instructor at the Naval Academy.
Tom served as a consultant to the Attorney General of the United

The 1st line explains some of the controversy and why some have bullied WWU into pulling the course. Tom Williams is the founder of the Washington State Minuteman detachment. I probably wouldn’t personally take this course, but I can see where others might, given the lack of accurate information and media coverage regarding the Minuteman and militia in general.

It’s OK to agree or disagree with the Minuteman, but they are a legal organization made up of US citizens. Tom William’s has as much right to offer a volunteer, not required course, as anyone else. Review those credentials again; this is not a stupid man. He is qualified! It’s not like WWU doesn’t already offer controversial offerings by biased instructors. Fairhaven College offers a pretty significant number of questionable courses taught by very controversial professors. And most are required courses for our kids.

So I’m left with a bunch of questions:

So what if people want to learn about the Minutemen? Why not?

Is the pro-illegal immigration crowd afraid of a little openness and truth?

Is Not in my County afraid people might question the legality of their Aguila del Norte “legal observers” because they are actually targeting a specific group, the Minuteman, rather than targeting anyone who crosses the border illegally?

Are those opposed to this course afraid of what people might think after being exposed to both sides of the issue?

Washington Outsider


Not in my County

Course Catalog – As of my writing, this still has the course offering information. The PDF version has already been changed so this may not last long.

Washington Minuteman

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