What a blessing we have in KGMI’s Liberal Outpost.

I think it is a bit ironic, but I am serious about Joe’s show being a blessing. All his hyper-Liberal rantings used to drive me crazy, but he is getting so far out and illogical now that I think he is really helping push moderates toward the conservative side. I think the lightbulb went on when Joe had a whole show about how the government needed to ban transfats to protect the public and in the same sentence said they should mind their own business when it came to women’s health care issues, ie abortion. I think he even stumbled a bit when he said it. Don’t make any laws to protect innocent children, but do regulate “choice” when it comes to our diet.

And last night I again felt more hope for moderate and conservative America as Joe interviewed Rosalinda Guillen about I’m not really sure what. I figured it might be on the WWU course I wrote about yesterday, but it seemed that she was on only to complain about how she felt illegals were not being treated like they were legal residents. She accused the Minutemen of being like the KKK and of intimidating anyone with brown skin, but could offer no facts and she accused law enforcement involved with immigration raids of needless intimidation by wearing flack jackets and carrying guns. Well wasn’t it just a day or two ago that police stopped 4 guys in a car who were illegals, oh, and they had a gun didn’t they. hmmm? why would any law enforcement wear a flack jacket? It was nice that of the 3 or 4 calls I heard, no one was agreeing with either Joe or Rosalinda and neither of them could cite even one illegal activity on the part of the Minutemen or the immigration raids.

So what I’m saying is that the more Joe spouts liberal ideals, the more moderates start leaning away from him and right towards more sane conservatism.

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