Comment – People to blame for global warming

There is an article in the Herald about upcoming global warming report to be released by a bunch of fantastically smart scientists.

The articles title is Report: People to blame for global warming. I made a comment on the Herald’s site this morning because I don’t like the way the title implies that we are the only influence on global warming. I then found myself using part of my lunch time to explain myself. Now it’s break time and I have to explain my position again. With all this typing it is seeming more like a post than a quick comment, so wahlah, it’s a post.

For the 3rd time. I agree, I admit, if your ego demands… I give in. Global warming is happening.

And for GregH, AVERAGE and AVERAGE temperatures are rising.

Of course I never denied it, it’s just that some people can’t seem to think past blame and read what I said. I’ll try again with this hands on approach.

Here is a fun exercise:

List all the factors you feel are contributing to global warming. (if you need more room continue on the back.)

Analizing the results:

If there is only one item on your list then you are hopeless.

If you have listed 2 or more factors, then put a “P” by all the factors that man can influence.

If you have “P’s” by all the items on your list then you are hopeless.

If you have P’s by some and not by others then we agree. Man is not the only factor in global warming.

If this report comes out with P’s by all the factors, as this article implied, then the report is hopeless, regardless of how many PhD’s signed it.

And I’m still waiting for some reasonable explanation for this conundrum. If this warming is unprecedented; then how come the melting ice keeps revealing evidence of people, plants and animals?

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