KGMI’s blog post this morning by Debbie Chavez, posed an interesting question:

Is it acceptable and healthy to have discussions about God on secular talkradio, or is it a taboo topic that somehow harms society when discussed freely in the marketplace?

I think it is healthy but waning abit on the acceptable. It seems to be becoming only acceptable on Christian stations and this is sounding a bit too much like some Communist and Muslim states where freedom of religion & speech is relegated to specific times and in approved registered places. Not freedom in my opinion. I think that Debbie’s show does an important service for our community, both in sharing her content and her willingness to share her faith. Our nation was founded on freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

On a lighter side of the same note; I always prefer the lighter side; her question brought to mind this quote:

It’s so hard to believe in anything anymore. I mean, it’s like, religion, you really can’t take it seriously, because it seems so mythological, it seems so arbitrary…but, on the other hand, science is just pure empiricism, and by virtue of its method, it excludes metaphysics. I guess I wouldn’t believe in anything anymore if it weren’t for my lucky astrology mood watch.

Steve Martin, A Wild and Crazy Guy