Donkey Basketball – Technically Disheartening

02-03-07_1908.jpgLast night we attended the big Donkey Basketball/Kid’s carnival at Ferndale High School and had a lot of fun. Tired and mildly sugared up kids didn’t get too out of control. There was some good donkey action with the Ferndale faculty besting local Firefighters in the championship game. We went for fun and because my wife and another friend from California had never heard of Donkey Basketball. Is it strictly Washington, or strictly not California, or more of a country vs. city thing I wondered?

It was a disheartening experience when after helping my youngest son put his hand over his heart and face our flag, I stood up to find our family, hands over hearts, were in the minority. I would bet that there were less than 10%. Most that did were middle age or beyond. I for a second I thought maybe I was silly for teaching my son . Then I had another thought:

Let loose you Devil!

And again I felt proud.

And the “technically” disheartening part is that I have spent an hour and a half trying to find the right driver to get photos off my phone with a cord, without emailing them to myself. Now I can use my phone as a super slower than dialup modem, my laptop as a charger for my phone, but no photo transfer. :(

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5 Responses to “Donkey Basketball – Technically Disheartening”

  1. wally says:

    I love my wife very very much, but she does tend to go off on wild tangents. It’s usually mostly talk and so we haven’t any donkeys. She did get a scooter that goes where you want it to, doesn’t talk back, doesn’t run away, and requires feeding only when ridden.

  2. Peggy U says:

    Wally: I actually played donkey basketball when I was in high school (it was a fund raising event). We lived in Idaho, so it isn’t just a Washington thing.

    Aside from that, why anyone would want to own or ride a donkey escapes me. Their reputation for being stubborn is well-earned.

  3. Matt says:

    1. You’re decision supersedes my genetics. (normal)
    2. There are no normal “big cities” in Cali. (abnormal)
    3. You’re wife wants to start a donkey leaue. (abnormal)
    4. I know I’m a loser, thanks for pointing it out. (normal)

    abnormal = normal –> irrelevant

  4. Wally says:

    I guess it really is irrelevant for you. You lose either way, genetic or geographic. My wife, who by the way is your sister, wants to start her own donkey league. And aren’t you both from some big city in California?

  5. Matt says:

    Washington, California, country, city … These seem irrelevant to me when this is clearly a abnormal vs. normal thing. :)