Always Say Thank You

Posted by some sensitive guy. Craigslist never fails to entertain.

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Date: 2007-02-07, 8:58AM PST

it’s not about the two dumbass kids, you idiot. too bad they didn’t die too. it’s about people expecting others to feel bad because someone they know died. I don’t feel bad when ANYIONE dies, so a complete stanger has less than zero meaning. Since you’re obviously too stupid to understand the point of a conversation, you should be the one to take your own advice. i suggest pills. That’s the way feminine little pansies like you like you attempt it. Only this time, don’t call someone right afer taking them so you can be “discovered” and saved. I had to park way out at the end of CostCo’s parking lot yesterday, so if you could kindly do this today, i can go park closer this afternoon. Thanks

And he said Thanks. I bet his parents are proud.


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