Don’t Ask for More Taxes

The Bellingham Herald / Opinion / Attorney general on high gas prices: Nothing illegal
Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna says he is well aware that Whatcom County residents feel they are overcharged for gasoline.But McKenna said high prices don’t prove illegal activity. And unless he gets some proof that something illegal is going on, he has no plans to take any action.

So isn’t this all we need to know? I’m not really sure why we spent any taxpayers money on the investigation in the first place. High prices don’t always mean illegal activity. If thats the case we need to investigate the dairy industry; Darigold milk is more expensive than Haggens Brand and they both cost more per gallon than gasoline. We just wasted money.

It’s good though that the Herald reported the lack of illegal pricing. That’s OK. But they should have left it alone at that point, except that this was an Opinion piece so they were duty bound to give some advice, albeit bad advice in this case.

We urge county residents upset about this issue to use grass-roots pressure to try to change things. Call the governor’s office at (360) 902-4111 and ask her to use her bully pulpit to demand we be treated fairly.

The last thing we need is a “grass-roots” pressure on any government official or agency. Why? because given enough pressure they might do something, and when ever government does something it ends up costing us money. Perhaps a new commission, or task group, feasibility studies perhaps regulation of the whole fuel industry. Anything they do will cost us more money somehow and no matter what they do the fuel companies will rightfully try and figure out how to profit in what ever regulatory environment is created.

What we need to do goes counter to the prevailing Bellingham socialist philosophy. What we need to do is follow the capitalist model that has worked so well and doesn’t add more government overhead. What we need to do is shop for gas and buy it at the least expensive stations. Stations that charge less will thrive, those that don’t will struggle and perhaps lower their price to increase volume. I think that Costco, Fred Meyer, and Power Saver understand this.

Please don’t demand more Government action. Our taxes are high enough already.


One Response to “Don’t Ask for More Taxes”

  1. Steve says:

    Great point, Wally. The market will determine what happens with prices. The presence of refineries does not entitle us to cheaper gas in our area, obviously.

    I don’t discount the possibility that gasoline rate structures are set to compensate for the pipeline explosion settlements. Our portion of the market has always been ripe for some level of price exploitation (if that’s the right word) because of the number of Canadians and tourists who purchase gas here.

    But that’s all pure speculation. The bottom line is, the money doesn’t grow on trees, it has to come from somewhere. It’s amazing how much of society does not understand that.