Vigilantes on the Loose

Lot’s of talk about the Minuteman. Everyone else is now. They talked about it on the blog posts I referred to the other day, they’re talking about it now in Western Front article, the Herald article, and of course the comments for the Herald article.

Washington Outsiders original post says this is what happened.

And the Director replied very quickly:

Thank you for your message. When the full background about this course was brought to our attention, we withdrew our invitation to Dr. Williams to present in A.L.L. The course has been cancelled. We appreciate your concerns and time in communicating with us.

Dr. Barbara Audley
Executive Director
Extended Education and Summer Programs
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA 98225

Obviously I was far from the first to voice concern about a Minutemen propaganda class and once the University was clued in they cancelled the course without hesitation. But, ya gotta wonder how it got there in the first place.

From Western Front says this is what happened.

In an interview with the Western Front, Audley said it was completely Williams’ decision to withdraw from the course.

She would not comment further on the reasoning for the school’s foreseen cancellation, except to say that it was simply an “academic decision.”

Golden, however, said that the decision was based on contacts with Western students and faculty, as well as the Bellingham community.

And then the Washington Outsider writer posted this as part of a comment in the Herald.

Tom Williams was asked for more information and instead of supplying it he withdrew. That doesn’t sound like censorship, that sounds like Williams has something to hide.

And from the Not in my County site this quote:

(and frankly, most people here don’t trust him: neither Williams or Claude LeBas testified at that Human Rights Commmission hearing last year, though they were in attendance).

It’s pretty clear that we aren’t getting a straight story out of WWU. I’m not sure it really matters though. Facts are irelevant to certain people who just love to talk down the Minuteman. But why? What did they do?

They have been in our neighborhood for a few years now and as bad as people say they are I’m sure they must have racked up quite a list of offenses by now. Let’s see, first they…well no they didn’t do that, but they…well no one did that either, but there was the time they….well no they aren’t guilty of that either.

I still have not heard of one actual complaint against our local group, no weapons issues, no illegal apprehensions, no littering, nothing. Yet several anti-Minutemen groups and numerous people continiously talk about how the Minutemen are doing all kinds of evil, racist, hateful things. If there were even the smallest shread of evidence against the local Minutemen, all the truly evil and hateful anti-Minutemen groups would be throwing it all over the press. We don’t hear it, we don’t read it, we don’t see it, Human Rights committees don’t find it. I don’t think it’s there. I wonder whose laws or morals these anti-Minutemen groups are trying to uphold?

So yes there are Vigilantes on the Loose, but they are not the Minutemen.

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2 Responses to “Vigilantes on the Loose”

  1. Wally says:

    I don’t have a lot of depth for judging propaganda in women’s studies, but when I see courses like Political Science 421—Queer Politics and The Science and Stories of GLBT Health, I think I’ll just take your word on the rest. Always my favorite is the American Cultural Studies

    It is also worth reading in connection to this post the comment section for the Western Front article.

  2. Andrea Shepherd says:

    You have to wonder how parents, students or faculty could come to the determination that Tom Williams would be spreading propaganda in a course on the MinuteMen. Go to the Western Washington University website and view some of the courses they teach such as a minor in “Womens Studies”, and others. Now THAT is propaganda!! People should be aware of what is being taught in America’s universities. But then, small minds don’t have room to digest reality!!!!