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August 17, 2011

Quick Primary Election Reflection

With many ballots left to count, last night the Bellingham Herald was already calling winners.   Second place between David Stalheim and Jack Louws, in the County Executive race is still a little close.  In the other races, pairs advancing to the fall election were pretty clear or their was a single candidate, such as Bill Elfo, that took such a high percentage of votes that it really doesn’t matter who he faces off with.

Nothing is certified and anything can happen, but here is how I see things as of this morning.


  • Bill Elfo vs. It doesn’t matter – Bill had almost 75% of the ballot, he needs to keep on doing the great job he’s doing to be reelected this fall.

Ferndale Mayor

  • Gary Jensen vs. Lloyd Zimmerman – Mayor Jensen had over 65% of the vote so as good as I think it would be for Ferndale to have Gary Jensen leave office, it doesn’t look like it will happen this election.

Bellingham Mayor

  • Dan Pike vs. Kelli Linville – Kelli Linville should start picking out colors for her new office.  80% of the people of Bellingham evenly split their vote between these two liberal candidates and my guess is that the other 20% who voted for Steve Moore or Clayton Petree will now side with a slightly more moderate  Kelli Linville or simply skip voting for either in the fall.  Dan Pike has been drilling holes through his hull for four years and now that his ship is clearly sinking, all Kelli Linville had to do was pull alongside with a liberal boat that floats.

Whatcom County Executive

  • Doug Ericksen vs. David Stalheim – If David Stalheim can manage to pull ahead of Jack Louws, we can expect that Doug Ericksen will win by a decent margin in the fall.  I think support for David Stalheim is about tapped out at the 25% or so that he has received in the primary from local progressives and much of the conservative vote that went to Jack Louws will be redirected to Doug Ericksen.


  • Doug Ericksen vs. Jack Louws – This would be the one situation that wouldn’t be so good for Doug Ericksen as most of those that support David Stalheim and Tom Anderson are also part of the we hate Doug Ericksen crowd so I would anticipate most of  their vote moving to Jack Louws.   If percentages follow this model then Jack Louws would be winning roughly 60/40 in the fall.

Update 8/19 – Louws, Ericksen to face off in general election for Whatcom County executive – either would be a good executive, so I guess I’ll just watch and see what race or other shenanigans come about.


Well there you go, if you are looking for election excitement from this group, then you are going to have to hope that there is either some aggressive campaigning on the part of the underdogs or a candidate crushing scandal.

Whatcom County Primary Election Results


  1. Interesting analysis. Quick typo for one of the candidates, it is “Stalheim” not “Stahlheim”. You’ve got an extra “h” in there. Other than that, we shall wait and see how this all turns out!

    Comment by Riley Sweeney — August 17, 2011 @ 9:45 am

  2. I had caught that myself but forgot to go back through and get them all. Thanks for being my online editor.

    Comment by wally — August 17, 2011 @ 7:58 pm

  3. Anytime. Us bloggers look out for each other.

    Comment by Riley Sweeney — August 20, 2011 @ 9:54 am

  4. […] I anticipated that the hate Doug Ericksen portion of David Stalheim supporters would gravitate towards Jack Louws […]

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