Thank You David Stalheim

So I anticipated that the hate Doug Ericksen portion of David Stalheim supporters would gravitate towards Jack Louws making this race interesting and possibly tough for Doug Ericksen to win.  I didn’t anticipate that David Stalheim would be endorsing his former opponent, but according to his FB page he apparently is doing so after a meeting with Jack Louws.
This endorsement clearly tips things in Doug Ericksen’s favor because what ever understanding or deal was made in the Stalheim/Louws meeting hacks right into the conservative portion of Jack Louws supporters by positioning him as Democratic Party middle/left candidate.

I certainly am appreciative of David Stalheim’s gesture, I wonder if Doug Ericksen sent him thank you note?


2 Responses to “Thank You David Stalheim”

  1. wally says:

    Guess I underestimated the get out the vote effort by the anyone but Ericksen crowd. I also think too many Jack Luows supporters didn’t look carefully at what they were getting when they voted for someone with your backing.

  2. David Stalheim says:


    You are welcome. :)