Governor Gregoire bypassing WASL

The Governor and the Superintendent of Public Instruction continue to set the WASL standard high:), yet will allow some students to go around this “high bar”

Governor Gregoire and Superintendent Bergeson Propose Temporary Change in Math Graduation Requirement

Students in classes of 2008, 2009 and 2010 to either pass WASL math or take and pass math coursework to meet graduation requirement.

Isn’t the whole point of the standard to assess the schools ability to educate students and ensure a certain level of competency for graduating students. If better educated students is what we want, then shouldn’t students failing the WASL be taking the classes anyway? Perhaps they should be eating, sleeping and breathing math until they can pass the standard.

If it isn’t going to be a standard then why not just have a math instructor help the students with their WASL.

Awhile back I wrote this letter to the editor at the Bellingham Herald. I still stand by its sentiments.

Don’t “fund” the WASL

Our Governor wants to spend more money targeted at preparing kids for the WASL. Money would target core items such as reading, writing and math. The WASL is not a new curriculum that needs to be funded. It is a standardized test to see how we are doing. If not enough kids are passing the WASL, then not enough kids are learning to read, write and do math.

One obvious solution is to spend more time studying reading, writing and math. How about we do 5 days a week to start? Maybe while the kids are at school? If that isn’t enough time, perhaps the teachers could send home some work to be done in the evening.

With this plan, no additional funding would be needed. Teachers would simply quit teaching anything that is not reading, writing and math until enough kids pass the WASL.

Then we can talk about levying new taxes for self esteem courses.

Oh, and kids will probably feel better about themselves if they could read.

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