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October 22, 2011

This is Herman Cain!


I just finished listening to This Is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House (Unabridged) on #Audible for #Android. Get the app free: http://audible.com/wireless @audible_com

I certainly would recommend it to anyone interested in seeing a self-made American sitting in the White House.  He has made his own way from poverty in the segregated South to a successful business leader and now a presidential contender.

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  1. Wally,

    Had a question. Wondered if you had seen this. Couldn’t find contact info. Sorry for posting here.


    October 18, 2011

    Contact: Randy Elmore, Transportation Safety Coalition: 360-303-1876

    Bellingham red-light camera likely to increase collisions on SR 539

    Engineers find collision data does not support installation of camera

    BELLINGHAM – A collision research report released today shows that the red-light camera proposed for the northbound State Route 539 and Telegraph Road intersection will not significantly reduce collisions, and that it would potentially increase collisions and injuries on the Guide Meridian.

    The report, prepared by Gibson Traffic Consultants Inc. of Everett, concludes, “the collision data does not support the introduction of red-light cameras”. Specifically, the study determined that photo enforcement has the potential to reduce right angle red-light running collisions by less than one per year, while increasing rear end collisions by an average of nearly five per year for this particular intersection.

    “We are not surprised by the results, and have serious concerns with the safety risks moving forward with this project,” said Randy Elmore, Bellingham resident and Transportation Safety Coalition spokesperson. “We believe the results at the Guide are consistent with what we would see throughout the city, had we the funds to look at the rest of the intersections and the school zones.”

    Gibson produced the report using collision data provided through public disclosure by both the City of Bellingham and the Washington State Department of Transportation. Their review of the data showed that in the most recent five years for which data was available, only one collision was caused by red light running and that none of the right-angle or stop light collisions resulted in any injuries.

    The report also quotes a 2010 Institute of Transportation Engineers Journal article which states that red-light cameras are normally installed after a traffic engineering evaluation shows that all reasonable countermeasures (such as increasing yellow light timing, improving visibility) have been tried. It further notes that the reason to “conduct such investigations and corrections before resorting to additional enforcement” is that research has shown the cameras can increase collisions.

    Red-light cameras have been hotly debated in Bellingham after City officials canceled a promised public hearing on the matter this spring, and then signed the contract with camera vendor American Traffic Solutions.

    The Transportation Safety Coalition, a Bellingham organization fighting to stop the cameras from being installed, requested all documents, emails and research regarding the camera program from the city through the public disclosure process in June 2011. Though some minor counts of red light infractions and speed violators were provided, the group says it was clear no thorough traffic or collision analysis was done before giving the camera vendor the green light or choosing the intersections.

    The safety group hired a well-respected engineering firm to do what they believe the city failed to do. They believe the Gibson report proves that the camera program is unwarranted, potentially dangerous, and should be canceled.

    “In this economy, adding financial punishment in the form of fines, where no serious collision history exists, forces drivers to focus on their pocketbooks rather than our intersections, and their speedometers rather than our school kids in crosswalks,” said Elmore. “If there is a serious collision safety problem – prove it – and let’s look at fixing it. If not, let’s not get somebody hurt to make the city extra revenue.”

    The 24-page Gibson SR 539 research report and other related documents are available at BhamCamScam.com.

    – END –

    Media looking for a good contact source for discussing the fight for, and against cameras, and the science related to red-light running, are invited to contact Jay Beeber, Executive Director of Safer Streets LA. Mr. Beeber was the driving force behind Los Angeles becoming the biggest U.S. city to turn against red-light cameras and has been following the debate in Washington state, and Bellingham in particular. He can be reached at (505) 500-4790.

    Comment by Dave — October 22, 2011 @ 8:37 pm

  2. I had an email link on the site in the past, but it was a spam magnet.

    I was aware of this, maybe KGMI or TSC Facebook page, but haven’t looked into it. I did read the report this morning and it certainly does validate a statement I’ve made before, that Bellingham sold our safety to ATS.

    Comment by wally — October 23, 2011 @ 6:48 am

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