Apples and Oranges

There are a few blogs that I try to visit on a regular basis. I make sure to include local blogs, even the liberal guys. I think Thomas Jefferson said “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” :)

So I read them, but for health reasons I also limit my caffeine during the read. Today Not in My County featured a post aimed at lumping Minutemen in with the KKK.

Its scary to say it, but the red, white and blue colored supremacism spouted by the Minutemen really isn’t much different from, say, the KKK

It’s worth reading the whole thing. I know that they claim to be filled with peace and equality, but I always come away thinking that they are wound up a bit too tight in the hatred department. Perhaps extremely low self esteem? I don’t know. I’m not a psychiatrist.

I was going to leave a comment there, but it was going to just be antagonistic. I tried but luckily they require commentors to register. I wasn’t going to do that. I get emails labeling me as a Hillary supporter, just because I signed up for her newsletter. I’d hate to have anyone think there was growing support for Not in My county. So my comment is pretty simple:

You’re right oranges are apples.

Your Orange (KKK) example speaks of illegal actions taken against legal citizens and legal immigrant citizens, singled out by a hate group for their religious beliefs and race.

Your Apple (Minutemen) example speaks of legal dissent regarding illegal immigrants and those who support illegal immigration.

Apples are not Oranges.

Minutemen are not the Ku Klux Klan.

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