Dog’s injury has anguished owner looking for answers

I couldn’t resist.  I heard this story on KVI Commentators yesterday and just had to share it.  I’ve been told my sense of humor is off and I couldn’t resist laughing, so my critics were right.

The Seattle Times
Sherffius couldn’t figure out why the dog was trembling, or why she yelped when Sherffius tried to cuddle her or settle her onto her favorite pillow. Stuck inside because of a snowstorm, Sherffius tried to comfort her precious dog the best she could.

When the dog didn’t seem to feel better several days later, Sherffius examined her again. She noticed her ear was “stiff as cardboard,” so she decided to soak it. What happened next horrified the dog owner.

“I put her ear in the water, and it floated away,” she said, sobbing.

Her vet soon told her that she suspected the groomer had cut off Jasmine’s ear and then glued it back on, Sherffius said.

Sheeesh, doesn’t any groomer worth their clippers know that professionals use only waterproof flexible Gorilla Glue?


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