President’s Day

Washington’s Birthday merged with Lincoln’s Birthday to become President’s Day; which became mid-winter break; which for some was taken by snow. It’s a day to honor our Presidents past and present.

We honor men who everyday put their pride and reputation on the line to do what they believe best for our nation. It has been this way since Washington and I’m sure will continue as long as we are allowed to have Presidents as our leaders.

I am thankful to count President Bush as a great President and I am thankful that he, like so many Presidents before him, counts on God for his wisdom and power.

Yet I build my life on a foundation that will not shift. My faith frees me. Frees me to put the problem of the moment in proper perspective. Frees me to make decisions that others might not like. Frees me to try to do the right thing, even though it may not poll well…

George W. Bush

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