What day is it?

According to my sources, today is President’s Day. Locally it seems to be going by largely unnoticed. How pathetic is it that the Bellingham Herald is apparently so ashamed of President’s Day and our nation that they put a totem pole on the front page. I had to do a search to find any evidence that it was President’s Day.

Get out and play for Presidents Day
Presidents Day closures 2/18
Presidents Day closures 2/16

and also a DeWarde & Bode and Jerry Chambers advertisements.

At the KGMI site, the holiday was also kept totally under wraps.

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2 Responses to “What day is it?”

  1. Wally says:

    I appreciate your visit and the comment. Part of what I observed about this Holiday is exactly what you observed. Events are tough to find. Sometimes news is not eventful, or the event is a long slow change that is suddenly realized.

    It’s in the past now, but here are a few ideas for next year:

    Ferndale had dozens and dozens of flags lining the street, what’s the story? Someone cared.

    One lone house at the top of Church Road in Ferndale had a flag out, what’s their story?

    Sometimes the lack of news is news. A long tradition of honoring our Presidents has ended. What is the story with that? Is it a long slow decline? or a reaction to all the bad press on our current President?

    Why are we Government employees getting a paid holiday if they are not using it to honor our Presidents, at least in any reportable capacity?

    Why did the little church hold a Presidents Day Prayer Fellowship?

    It’s only a few days until the Whatcom GOP holds their Lincoln Day dinner. I’m sure someone from their group would have something to say about honoring Presidents.

    News is happening.

    And I am both gladdened and saddened to hear that an impeachment may progress. Saddened for the waste of taxpayers money, saddened for President Bush, saddened for all the people in the Middle East who will suffer during the process, and saddened for the additional Americans that will have to go to restart the war on terror after this is all over.

    I am gladdened that I might get an answer to my question. What was the lie that so many accuse our President of?

  2. Hey Wally, great stuff here.

    One note about Presidents Day coverage here at The Herald. I’m the reporter in the office today, as it’s a federal holiday.

    All last week I searched for stories and happenings on this fine day and, unfortunately, could find nothing.

    Unfortunately I don’t believe in creating the news, so there was nothing for me to cover in regards to Presidents Day. No jurisdictions that I spoke with had anything happening. Nobody contacted the paper, either, to place events in the calendar, etc.

    I would have loved to cover a local event today. It just wasn’t in the cards.

    But watch tomorrow’s paper for my article on 40th District Sen. Harriet Spanel’s co-sponsorship of a Senate Joint Memorial urging Congress to begin an impeachment investigation of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

    Thanks again for reading The Bellingham Herald, and I love your site, too!