Herald – Spanel Backs Impeachment Inquiry

Now I’m a bit disappointed, but it’s not because Senator Spanel is signing on with the impeachment investigation. Impeachment is in the local Democrats platform, so of course it will be pursued.

Supporting any and all actions of our elected representatives to investigate and begin impeachment proceedings of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, and to strengthen the ethics rules for all elected officials.

Sure it is disappointing that a political party’s platform would target our elected officials directly, rather than be directed at an issue like terrorism or immigration. But what really disappointed me is that the article was subtitled “Resolution to Congress cites false information leading to Iraq war” but it didn’t actually cite any information, false or not. I want to see the evidence, not more hearsay and beating around the shrub. This is the closest the article comes:

The resolution, written by state Sen. Eric Oemig, D-Kirkland and co-sponsored by eight other senators, states that Bush and his administration knowingly sold the Iraq war to Americans using false information and that Congress has a duty to investigate the issue.

It’s getting closer to citing actual information. The article does say that he or someone in his administration did knowingly provided false information. But it just doesn’t cite what information or any of the rest of the who, what, where, when, why that you would expect in an accusation. The text of the bill doesn’t even cite any actual false information. We have this in the bill:

WHEREAS, On September 8, 2006, when summarizing a bipartisan Senate
investigation into prewar intelligence on Iraq, Senator John D. (Jay)
Rockefeller IV, the Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on intelligence said that, “The Committee’s investigation into prewar intelligence on Iraq has revealed that the Bush Administration’s case for war in Iraq was fundamentally misleading.

But it really doesn’t cite anything. What did President Bush say that was wrong? What did he say that was misleading? There is also this in the bill:

WHEREAS, The President has publicly admitted to conducting electronic surveillance of thousands and perhaps millions of American civilians without seeking warrants;

I’m sure he would, if asked, also have to publicly admit that he used the restroom yesterday. What they are trying to do is imply President Bush did something wrong without actually making an accusation and supplying the evidence. Was this illegal surveillance? If they think so then why not say it. Oh right this is a witch hunt investigation into whether there are grounds for impeachment, not an actual impeachment

If this is to be pursued on the Bush lied, people died premise, then somebody somewhere, sometime needs to provide some evidence of the actual lie. I think if the evidence were really there, we wouldn’t see so many others finding excuses not to impeach.

As much as I despise what this president has done to the country, my job is to find a way to end the war in Iraq, which I voted against. We should do nothing whatsoever to hinder our effort to end the war. Grandstanding that prevents us from growing a coalition against the war is a luxury we cannot afford. We don’t have the votes to remove Bush from office. Bush is leaving office. Rep Jay Inslee (D-1)

“We know when the President is leaving office. We don’t know when the troops are leaving Iraq. We know what we have to do. Focus. Rep. Jim McDermott (D-7)

The Stranger

And since I am accused of being a paranoid conspiracy wacko, I’ll be looking into who really wrote the bill, Sen. Eric Oemig or the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

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