Freely Blogging in America

Contrary to statemenst like this on MSNBC:

The President and the Vice President and others have often attacked freedom of speech, and freedom of dissent, and freedom of the press.

We still enjoy, an unprecident in the world, freedom of speech. We can pretty much say what we want, whenever we want. And in the case of blogger it can be broadcast around the world in seconds. If you’re a liberal blogger you can say things like:

George W. Bush is a Failed President and a Disgrace to America. –Washinton Outsider

Or this:

President Bush and his administration made mistake after mistake — failing to an almost incomprehensible level to learn from past errors or to demonstrate even a modest level of competence in prosecuting this war. –

Or commentors can say:

What hypocrites we are. When will we get around to hanging war criminal #2, Mr. Bush?
12/29/2006 at 8:42 pm – Radio Equalizer

So while we can say what we want in our nation, other nations around the world are clamping down on these freedoms in an effort to control their population. I ran into a blog titled Faith Today ( from Iran a while back and have read it a few times. He is a young writer and I just like to see personal views rather than media stuff. I referred to his site in one of my pure drivel posts. Last week he had a post up that suddenly disappeared, apparently at his doing but with a new entry:  

Friday, February 16, 2007
Removed (Filtered!)
Due to the critical reasons and some friendly interactions, the post was been removed right now!
posted by Kourosh Ziabari at 1:39 AM | 4 comments

This is part of the original post that was still out in cyberspace:

dear Kourosh Ziabari,
Antony Loewenstein here, friend of Luke Skinner and and Sydney,Australia based writer.
Luke tells me you know about me and my work.
I hope so. I’ll be coming to Iran in June for 2 weeks, in the middle of a big trip around the world to investigate the role of blogging/new media in the 21st century.
i’d love to meet you and start a dialogue with you.

and the comments:

He is clearly biased against Israel. Maybe you should interview someone who is pro Israeli, rather than people who look at Islamic ” culture ” without understanding it.
You are being one sided.

and then this:

hey, check your email asap!

And then the mystery filtered post…

Yesterday I checked back and found what I assume explains the pulled post, even though it doesn’t address it directly. A few highlights are:

“Due to the legal policies of Islamic Republic of Iran, access to this website is denied…”

For the Persian users of Internet that their number is growing day and day, this critical message is very well known and acquainted!


As the high managers and authorities of Iranian ICT ministry claim that the number of filtered sites is less than the count of fingers, but even the access to news portals and agencies is restricted in most of cities by the ministry and the new laws of justice powers.

Now the access to news agencies and global media such as BBC, CNN, international newspapers and also the most of indoor websites is restricted and the Iranian users are believing that the state’s goal to build the national internet network service up is being realized.


The state of Tehran is alleging roughly that only the pornographic and anti-moral websites are filtered till now but it is not so hard to discover that is a great lie! Most of journalist’s personal blogs, news agencies and global media websites are unavailable due to the political theories of Islamic Republic government and it seems that there is no way to fight and battle against.

and lastly

At the moment, we can confess that there is not a unit way to stop censoring websites and blogs in Iran and the mutual struggle between Persian cyberspace as an independent tribune and the government as the hateful side right now is being continued.

I have no conclusion from this all except that we have unprecident freedom of speech in our nation an blogs are a part of it. So while I dislike reading blogs filled with hateful speech about our nation, I do relish that these sites can exist in our nation. We still have our freedom of speech while others around the world are still fighting to attain it.

God Bless America

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