Good Ol’ Boy vs. Hollywood


Both of these images are from today’s front page over at the Daily Kos. For me it captured a feeling I’ve had about the left and extreme left for awhile. It is their propensity for addressing the person not the issue. In the liberal media I see lots of cartoons, writers making personal slams, colorful language, and talkshows full of laugh tracks and sound effects that for the most part conservative media seems to get by without. It probably is rooted in the fact that on most issues, the left has no points nor plan and when they do have a plan they don’t want to advertise it, like is the case for legalizing pot.

Obviously these images are meant to carry a message. The inept cowboy clown from Texas who is apparently either illiterate or an idiot vs. the Greek god save the world image. What these images say to me is that you know you would lose if you tried to argue points with President Bush, so you make fun of him vs. promote the Hollywood image because that is all you have going for your side.

Some of these guys are like little kids whose last words in an argument are “oh yeah! Well your ugly”

A picture is worth a thousand words


One Response to “Good Ol’ Boy vs. Hollywood”

  1. Mark says:

    Your correct, Wally.
    Ever since Jerry Ford, the left has labeled Republican presidents or candidates as “stupid” or “intellectually inferior,” i.e., “incompetent”.
    We have allowed them to label themselves and their candidates as the “superior-college-educated-cognescenti.” Almost a priestly class.
    It’s about time we change the labels and refer to them as “snot-nosed-elitist-know-it-alls” and “socialists” — or, in the case of Washington State, “Stalinists.”
    Let’s stop pulling the punches.