Iraq – Success is imminent

The liberals in this nation would have us believe that our President is an idiot.

I could stop my post right there and it would fit most liberal views, but I will continue though to get to the point.

The liberals in this nation would have us believe that our President is an idiot for going to Iraq, his plan in Iraq, not withdrawing from Iraq, sending more troops to Iraq, and now addressing Iran as a problem. All the properly worded polls seem to back up this view and have helped to elect a liberal/Democratic Party congress. A congress that is bound and determined to pacify our president at the expense of reform and rebuilding in Iraq, and at the expense of Iraqi and American lives in their liberal jihad to cause failure in Iraq. All to claim success for themselves by proving George Bush is an idiot.

What if they are wrong? What if George Bush has been doing what is needed in Iraq? What if reform in Iraq, a nation of mixed religions and sects, is actually succeeding? That is what Iraqi Dr. Abd Al-Khaleg Hussein has reported in a column posted on several Iraqi reformist websites and translated by MEMRI

It is true that the Americans, like all other human beings, make mistakes – but [when they do], they do not give up, and they are not ashamed to sit down and reexamine their strategic plans from time to time in order to determine what went wrong.

“After four decades of dictatorial rule, which deliberately sowed ignorance among the public, the process of replacing the regime in Iraq is not a [simple] one – especially since the country is surrounded by hostile and malevolent neighbors that wish to destroy it.

[As for] Bush, he not only refrained from presenting a schedule for withdrawal, but decided to send more troops (some 21,000 American soldiers) to Iraq, in order to help the government eradicate terrorism and defeat the militias. Instead of sticking to their boycott, Al-Sadr’s [people] scurried to rejoin the government,

There can be no doubt that [both] the order to boycott and [the order] calling it off came from their master, the leader of Iran, who pays their salaries.

We have repeatedly written and warned that Iran and Syria are behind the support for the terrorism in Iraq, and that unless this support is removed, the suffering of the Iraqi people and the region’s problems will continue. The American administration has finally understood the danger, given it top priority in its strategy in Iraq, and translated [this understanding] into action by sending [more] naval forces and additional minesweepers to the Gulf to confront Iran.

“Let me emphasize once again that the political process in Iraq is irreversible, and it is inconceivable for it to fail – regardless of whether the U.S. is headed by George W. Bush (a Republican) or by some [other figure] from the Democratic Party.

The leaders of Iran and Syria, and all the deluded among the Arabs or anywhere else [in the world], must understand this reality and act accordingly, and minimize their losses by putting an end to the Iraqi bloodbath and listening to the voice of reason and conscience. Otherwise they will bring a grave disaster upon themselves and upon the world.”

Most times what people want must be preceded by them doing what is needed. Terrorism is the same. If we want it to stop, then we need to be over there doing until it is done.  Apparently this man believes that George Bush has stayed the course long enough that no matter what happens in our government, success is imminent in Iraq.  Good job George!

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  2. Wally says:

    Yes people do forget why we went to Iraq. Many say why did we needlessly invade Iraq, when everyone knew Osama wasn’t there. The Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq has 1865 words according to my MS Word word counter and none of them are Osama, Bin nor Laden. But the rest of the words do tell why we went to Iraq.

  3. Ask Why says:

    This almost makes me forget why we went to Iraq in the first place… Oh, wait, what? Osama? Oh, right. September 11th, never forget, huh?