Governor Gregoire claims suit is to protect the rights of newborns

I get those email weekly updates from the Governors office. This week the lead story was titled” Governor Gregoire Sues Federal Government to Protect the Rights of Newborns.” I commend her on the emotion grabbing title. It almost got me to believe that this was about providing care for children, rather than who pays the bills for the care.

Governor Chris Gregoire announced that Washington filed a lawsuit against the federal government to protect the constitutional rights of newborn citizens to health care coverage under Medicaid.

“This is a basic issue of equality,” said Governor Gregoire. “Every baby born on U.S. soil is a U.S. citizen. It is simply not right to deny them health care coverage.”

Medicaid is a joint federal and state program providing basic health care to low-income citizens, and only U.S. citizens are eligible. The U.S. Constitution is clear that any person born in the United States is automatically a citizen, but the new federal rules require states to withhold Medicaid coverage for babies born in the United States to undocumented immigrants until an application with proof of citizenship is processed and approved.

“This is not about immigration,” said Governor Gregoire. “We are talking about babies, babies born in Washington, babies who are U.S. citizens and babies

This can be a touchy subject, but read her words carefully. It really is over coverage and bills. It’s not about providing nor denying care. They are not being denied care. This is about money.

It is also about one more layer of establishing children of illegals as US citizens. That citizenship seeming to be the crux of her argument. As a state governor she has several times stated that they are citizens and they are entitled; even though it is the federal government who determines citizenship. I wrote a post last spring that expresses my opinion on children of illegals. I will quote myself here and save a bunch of typing.

So I am aware of what the constitution says, but I also know that there are interpretations and exceptions. For instance the children of foreign diplomats born here are not citizens. And children born to enemy forces in hostile occupation of the US are not citizens.

And what do both of these exception groups have in common? The parents clearly have no intention of becoming US citizens.

Bingo! Neither do the parents of illegal immigrants, or they would have tried to enter the US legally so as not to jeopardize their application of citizenship. By the very nature of crossing illegally, illegal immigrants have refused to be subject to the jurisdiction of the US.

And further, in the case of Mexican illegals, I say they are part of an occupying force because the Mexican government is instructing them firstly in how to safely and illegally cross our borders, and secondly in how to live when they arrive. They may not be considered hostile or enemy, but they certainly are an occupation force of a foreign nation. Will they raise their children as Americans with Mexican heritage, or as Mexicans living in a foreign land?

I don’t think children of illegal immigrants are children of the US.

Apparently it is not “clear that any person born in the United States is automatically a citizen.” So my two bits of advice for our Governor are:

  1. Don’t muddy the waters regarding citizenship and immigration rules. If you don’t like the present rules then contact your legislator.
  2. Find another way to pay the bills that come to our state as a result of illegal immigration and obey our federal government, don’t sue them.

The Governor has a very convenient feedback form for right on her website. Here is the link Contact the Governor. I sent her my feedback. I encourage you to do the same. Or you could go and sit in and/or around her office for days on end chanting and sign waving until you get yourself arrested. But, the form seems to work just fine.

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