Largest Expansion of Gambling in State History

On Sundays I only get news online, no real paper so I may just have missed their big article surrounding Friday’s press release from the Washington State House of Representatives. Or maybe the article was small. Or maybe there was no article at all.

Here are a few excerpts from the release and a few links.

House Republicans are requesting help to prevent a massive expansion of gambling in the state triggered by a new tribal compact signed by the governor.

“The U.S. Department of Interior is our last chance to prevent the largest expansion of gambling in state history. The process has been moving like a freight train and we want to slow it down so we can fully weigh the social implications of the governor’s decision,” said Deputy Republican Leader Doug Ericksen, who has sent a letter to the Interior secretary. “We don’t think people fully understand what is coming down the track, and when they do it is going to be a big surprise unfortunately.”

“The Legislature represents the views of people around the state. The body deserves to be the voice of its constituencies – especially on matters as serious as the expansion of gambling,” said Ericksen. “Giving the governor this much closed-door authority deprives citizens of a voice. Tribal gambling compacts should be considered by the Legislature so they can be properly vetted and carefully considered by 147 elected officials.”

This is news that Doug Erickson has been trying to get out for quite some time. In January KGMI had a blurb and the Herald ran a small story. Neither accurately portrayed it as the Largest Expansion of Gambling in State History. Too bad this issue, with lots of local community impact and big citizen’s rights impact, gets very little coverage and even less critical coverage.

House Republicans try to prevent massive expansion of gambling, ask U.S. Department of Interior for help

Doug Ericksen’s Page

Letter to Dept. of Interior.pdf

Sound Politics – The comment section of this post is especially interesting because of the numerous sightings of increased casino activity and of course this little spreadsheet of the tribal political investments.

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