I’ve been a bit slack in posts and probably will be for a bit.  I have been working on another web project, the sun was out, the yard is screaming at me for care, T-Ball has started, swim lessons are on, baby ducks arrived and they need a pond.  I would continue on but I won’t.

It was good to see this article about biodiesel production threatening forest run in the Herald.  I liked it because it actually showed a Republican of all people doing something of environmental concern.  I know we care, but it is pretty common place thought that we don’t.   I disliked it a bit out of pure bitterness that people like Doug Ericksen don’t get enough space in the Herald to fairly present conservative thoughts on local issues. But it’s all good.

There is this issue in Idaho that sounded spookily familiar to things I hear about Western.

A woman is asking North Idaho College to refund the money she paid for an English class, saying her instructor spent more time bashing Republicans than teaching English composition.

The letter claims Bryan said on the first day of class that “George Bush was elected president because people in this country can’t read” and said Feb. 12 that “I believe in the death penalty … . First we line up everyone who can’t think and right behind them, anyone who’s ever voted Republican.”

“Most (comments) were said facetiously in an attempt to get my students to think,” she said. “Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that anyone would take it seriously … . They were always said with a smile.”Spokesman Review

There are also a lot of smiling professors out at Western that are involved in our community and instructing our young in some very anti-American and Liberal ideas.  But that’s OK, as long as they smile, right?


2 Responses to “Excuses”

  1. wally says:

    Thanks for the tip. I did look around and find something on him, but not his paper. It’s too bad that the public has quit looking into the causes of global warming since Al Gore came along.

  2. Peggy U says:

    Wally: I thought you’d like to know that a geology professor (emeritus) of Western spoke out against the global warming hysteria. Look hard enough and you can find sane people in some of the strangest places …