He’s not my president

mnp.jpgMahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is president to all Iranian citizens. He is not my president.

Abdul Kalam of India is president to all of India’s citizens. He is not my president.

Felipe Calderón of Mexico is president to all Mexican citizens. He is not my president.

George Bush of the United States is president to all US citizens. He is my president. He is my president whether or not I agree with all of his decisions. He would be my president even if I didn’t vote for him. He is my president even when I travel to other nations.

How do you respect the thoughts of a person who would wear this shirt? How do you respect a person who would wear this shirt? How do you respect the organization that produces this shirt?

My thought is I don’t, I don’t and I don’t. I don’t respect the thought of the person because they are not thinking about our nation. I don’t respect the person wearing it because they don’t have the guts to make this a true statement by leaving our nation. And I don’t have respect for the socialist group United for Peace and Justice, because they are working against our nation by working against our president.

I live in Ferndale and these people are some of my elected representation.

Senator Dale Brandland
Representative Doug Erickson
Representative Kelli Linville
U.S. Representative Rick Larsen
U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell
U.S. Senator Patty Murray
Governor Christine Gregoire
President George Bush

I didn’t vote for most of them and I am certainly not happy with everything they do for our state and our nation. They are however, my elected representation and I choose to respectfully work with them for the sake of our nation. Our democracy is doomed if its citizens opt out every time an election doesn’t go their way.

If someone dislikes our president and our nation so much that they have to tear them down, tear down our nation by refusing to obey its rules, then I wish they would just do the ultimate opt out and really actually renounce their citizenship.

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