How Far Left is the Right?

In the good old days general consensus was that the world was flat. If you travel far enough in any direction you would fall off the edge. I believe the fate awaiting those who fell was dragons or some fantastically ferocious sea monster. Then modern man started to theorize that the the world is actually spherical (round) and that if you travel far enough in any one direction you end back where you started. Even so, Conservative captains still traveled East to get to trade in the Indies. Columbus was a progressive captain though, and he traveled West in his efforts to arrive in the East and had it not been for America getting in the way he might well have done it.

Today’s political theorist often refer to the political spectrum. A big long line with Democrats/liberals occupying the left and Republican/conservatives occupying the right with a moderate mass in the middle. Extremist on both the left an right have their places at the end of the line; right near the edge by the sea monsters. Being a conservative that is not afraid of progress, I am thinking that this archaic flat world model could be wrong. Perhaps we are living in a political sphere?

For the last 50 years or so the Democrats have been progressively moving further and further to the left and when Americans started dying in the War on Terror those on the left tried to distance themselves from the right thus shifting the whole spectrum even that much further to the left and presumably pushing those on the extreme left off the edge right into the jaws of nasty sea monsters.

The far left Socialist Democrats have proposed and I hear now have passed the anti-US “Iraq Accountability Act.” But when shifting even further left, to keep left of Democrats, the extreme left didn’t get eaten by sea monsters.

Emergency call-in for Rep. Rick Larsen to VOTE NO on the supplemental spending bill, “Iraq Accountability Act.” Call the Capitol Switchboard at 1-888-851-1879, and ask for Rep. Larsen’s office. (See United for Peace & Justice’s talking points below.) THE VOTE IS TOMORROW- so call NOW (you can leave a message overnight) and/or call EARLY tomorrow (Friday) morning.
WPJC or United for Peace and Justice

They did in fact go round the political sphere and have popped up on the Right in opposition to the Democrat Left’s “Iraq Accountability Act.”

There we have it. The political world is round not flat. How soon until the extreme left starts asking for prayer in the classroom? Maybe they will demand an end to abortions too?

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