Whatcom GOP: Great Web Resource

The Whatcom County Republican Party has a great website that serves all regardless of party affiliations. Sure I wish the world were filled with conservatives, but really if you just want to research things involving our nation, this is a good place to start. There are a number of links to government sites such as WA State Legislature, Public Disclosure Commission, Secretary of State, State Auditor, Speaker of the House, House Policy Committee and also some local links. A lot of these sites are difficult to find at government sites which seem to have as much bureaucracy as the government itself.

Another great part of their site is the document page which contains a few of the most important state and national documents.

  • U.S. Constitution
  • Articles of Confederation
  • The Federalist Papers
  • The Magna Carta
  • Declaration of Independence
  • State Constitution
  • Revised Code of WA (RCW)

These are the documents that shaped our beginnings and continue to serve us today. For anyone who hasn’t read the Federalist papers; don’t miss them. They are a window into the mind of those who shaped our nation and they are very applicable to some of the struggles we have today. For instance:

Nothing is more certain than the indispensable necessity of government, and it is equally undeniable, that whenever and however it is instituted, the people must cede to it some of their natural rights in order to vest it with requisite powers.

Our forefathers understood that sometimes we have to give up liberties for the good of our nation. This was 200 years before the Patriot Act! Grab a cup of coffee and read the Federalist Papers.

Don’t let partisan politics keep you from using the Whatcom GOP website as a resource. They even explain what GOP means.


One Response to “Whatcom GOP: Great Web Resource”

  1. Indian Aaron says:

    No website yet.
    You now have my e-mail address, please contact me at your leisure.
    I would like to invite you to the next WCGOP central committee meeting.
    e-mail me for details.
    Anyway, Good website, and great comments at the Bellingham Pravda.
    Oh, by the way, Dubya is spending money like a Democrat.
    But I voted for him twice. (3 times if you count the 2000 WA GOP convention.