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March 26, 2007


Some people have such a huge egos that they need to balance things out by purchasing “Ego-Offsets” It’s a way of spending money on things that make it look like you care about something other than yourself.

WWU to curb its emissons
BELLINGHAM — Western Washington University is pledging to curb greenhouse gas emissions and fight global warming, as part of a national college environmental campaign.

WWU President Karen Morse recently signed a letter of intent for the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, which is an effort to address global warming by getting institutions to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions…

The purest form of Ego-Offsets; the president gets her ego fed; everyone at the college with an ego gets their ego fed; Bellingham gets it’s ego fed; everyone believes it is done for our children who will inherit our planet not someones ego; taxpayers purchase the offsets; and facts, which usually are sparse around egos, are thrown to the wind.

Criticisms of Mr. Gore have come not only from conservative groups and prominent skeptics of catastrophic warming, but also from rank-and-file scientists like Dr. Easterbook, who told his peers that he had no political ax to grind. A few see natural variation as more central to global warming than heat-trapping gases. NY Times

Why would the president of WWU listen to Former Vice President Al Gore’s inconvenient truth rather than Western’s own Professor Easterbrook? Ego!

So in a sense Carbon-Offsets are really a form of Ego-Offsets. Some humble person in Kenya is paid to plant a tree so that the purchaser of the Ego-Offset can draw attention to themselves while they spout about how they care about our world.


  1. You’re onto something here.

    So, if I cook dinner for my wife, I could sell that humility in the market place and Karen Morse could buy it to offset her need to stand out among her peers.

    I like this idea.

    Comment by Mark — March 26, 2007 @ 9:04 am

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  3. Yup You’ve got it. She could pay you say $100 (government pricing)to cook your wife dinner so that she could hold a news conference about how she understands the plight of women in the home and has dedicated funds to improving their situation.

    Comment by Wally — March 26, 2007 @ 9:53 am

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