Finances and My ex-Wife

What thankfully seems like a lifetime ago I was married to a woman who I am glad to call my ex-wife. She and I got along well and talked about a lot of things that we both thought were important and made financial plans for our future. Then she went shopping to purchase on credit all the things that she felt she deserved without regards to how we were going to pay for them. Then when it came time to do the things we talked about for our future we were out of money, in debt and barely able to scrape up rent. Several counselors, therapy sessions and years later we separated. That was at least 10 years ago and I am still recovering financially.

So yesterday I get my email update from Representative Erickson’s office and a very similar one from the State Republican site. They were all about the new budget that was essentially approved by the Democratic Party as the vote was split along party lines. As I read the emails I had this weird deja vu feeling only it is our Governor and not my ex-wife that was spending money we don’t have. It was scary. I may still have to go to therapy, but I’m hoping that we can just vote her out of office rather than a “divorce.”

Here are a few quotes and this cool graph that I had to borrow. You could follow either or both of the links and read the full stories as well as sign up for you own news letters.

Deputy Republican Leader Doug Ericksen voted no today on a House Democrat state operating budget that he believes could lead to an economic downturn and put taxpayers at greater risk.

“We all hope that our economy will continue with strong growth in the coming years. But even with solid economic growth, this budget will lead to a multi-billion shortfall in a few years. If our economy should slow, the economic impacts of this budget would be devastating,” said Ericksen, R-Ferndale.

“I’m optimistic about the future. And I believe in the people of our state. But I am not willing to bet the people’s money on a risky budget that leaves no room for economic cycles.”< District lawmaker is concerned about spending $2.2 billion on new policy additions, including hiring 3,800 new state employees, while Democrats fail to find any efficiency or cuts in existing state government programs. Ericksen also pointed out the state operating budget will grow 33 percent – $8.2 billion – since Gov. Chris Gregoire and Democrats took control of the process in 2005. Ericksen says proposed deficit spending puts state economy at risk


What a bad week for Washington families and taxpayers.

Gov. Gregoire and Democrats in both Olympia and Washington, D.C. showed once again that they’re still the party of three things… spending, spending and more spending. House Democrats blindly followed Gov. Gregoire’s lead and proposed a budget that – surprise – adds billions in new spending. Gov. Gregoire praised it as soon as it was released.

Assuming the Democrats pass a budget similar to the ones they have already proposed – and it’s virtually certain that they will – state government spending will have increased 33% since Gov. Gregoire took office.

Let me say that again. A 33% increase in spending.

I’ve included a chart that illustrates just how dramatically Gov. Gregoire has increased state spending (she has actually managed to make former Governor Gary Locke look like a fiscal conservative by comparison!). Washington State Republican Party

And I’ll say it again. This is scary. Not just scary scary, but ex-wife scary.

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