The Bellingham Herald is a Valuable Asset in our Community

I’ve had a post in mind for a little bit now about the value of the Herald in our community.  Yes I who criticize the Herald on a regular basis value their role in our community.  I had not brought the post together in my head before Sam Taylor at the Herald ever so nicely called me on my criticisms.

We’ve got to focus on the day to day basics before anything else, unfortunately. Otherwise – you’re not going to have a newspaper to criticize. ;)

He is correct and I told him so:

I wrote a few notes in italic, but you can just file my opinion in there with everyone else’s.  I do think the Herald is doing a good job, just biased towards the left more than the average local.  I hear your comment about my criticism and I have had a post in mind for awhile about how alternative media and blogs wouldn’t exist without papers, TV news etc. that actually employ reporters such as yourself.  I’ll just have to think about it a bit more.

I guess his comment is like the one that I hear from soldiers who are fighting so that protesters have the freedom to burn flags in street.  The Herald is in fact doing the day to day basics so we have a reliable newspaper in our community.  So these are my brainstorm notes that I think I’ll just put out there because I’m tired of them being in my head.

  • They go out, gather information and report.  I can comment and nit pick at the Herald all day long if I chose.  I could spend all day on the comment section whining and complaining as it seems some others do, but I have a job and a family.  I need to spend most of my day living real not vicarious.  I went to the Ferndale city council meeting last night, 3 hours away from my family and I left before it was over.  Tough to justify that very often.  I believe the Herald had someone there in the front row.    I live in the Birch Bay watershed; can I justify another evening away from home tonight?  No.  But I bet I will be able to read about the County Councils meeting in the Herald tomorrow.  I am thankful that they will be there because I just can’t and frankly a lot of times just don’t want.  They employ reporters; I don’t.
  • Without local media what is alternative media alternative to?
  • I do also understand that they are human and not devoid of their own opinions, but I will still will be critical of them when I feel they are getting too much of their own opinion or someone groups agenda into the news.  As a county we are pretty split so I would expect to see more balance than I do.
  • We all know that Bellingham and the county can be completely different animals.  Culturally, politically, religiously, how ever you slice it we come out different more often than not.  I am thankful that even though they are the Bellingham Herald, they serve the whole of Whatcom County.  I think they provide cohesion that we need as a region.
  • I don’t see the Herald being unapproachable.  I don’t like their view and their slant on stories a lot of times, but they have always responded to my emails.  Even when I wasn’t as nice as I should have been.  I think they have really put themselves out there and at huge risk of even more criticism when they started allowing comments on articles.  But I think that for the most part they are a good thing.  And they have just revamped their opinion page in hopes of  they are really putting themselves out there and somewhat at the mercy of people who are far more critical than I am  the comments on articles and now more open feel of the opinion section are fantastic.


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