Wrong is not always illegal

I like many others read an article in the Herald yesterday regarding a pedophile and his website. There are probably a record number of comments on the article so I think it is safe to say that many including myself are disgusted with this man’s behavior and with a society that allows him to do what he is doing. The man is bold and secure in his knowledge of what is legal and illegal. But I also thought about the two different standards that apply in this situation and believe that’s why there is such outrage. The outrage comes from the disparity between what we know in our heart is wrong and what our laws (us, in our society) say is wrong. I personally feel that this is also why things like abortion and homosexuality are such hot button issues.

Right and wrong or morality as most call it is determined by God. If you are a Christian you understand that since Christ we are no longer condemned by Moses’ Law. His law is there for us to understand how God wants us to live. God is concerned with right and wrong. He knows we are incapable of doing only right, but asks us to strive against wrong and seek his council and forgiveness when we fail.

Legal and illegal in our society is the result of our laws not God’s. In our society we make our laws. I have to believe that we would have less outrage if there were more of what God thought was right and wrong written into our laws. I’m not saying that God has a specific view on speed limits or the number of minors in cars. I am saying that I believe there will be less outrage in our nation if the laws we construct include a little more consideration for what God thinks.

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