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August 22, 2012

Dingling Brothers

Yes, we have circus clowns right here in Whatcom County, but instead of the Ringling Bros. we have these dingling bothers as a lame substitute.  The dinglings are progressive talk show host Joe Teehan and his caller Riley, who I presume is Riley Sweeney 2nd Vice chair of the Whatcom Democrats.  Are there any progressive Democrats out there that are proud of this performance?   Are the Whatcom Democrats proud of this?


Sound Clip from The Joe Show for 8/16/12


  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my call-in to the Joe Show. The joke about Rep. Overstreet hating children is a reference to his repeated votes to endanger the lives of Washington’s children. Whether it is voting to allow toxic toys to be imported from China, or voting against vaccination requirements for school children, Rep. Overstreet has a record of not protecting Washington’s youth.
    You can listen to Joe and I discuss this more here:

    Or wait for my research piece coming out soon about Rep. Overstreet’s reckless votes against our youth.

    Comment by Riley Sweeney — August 23, 2012 @ 4:54 pm

  2. In your call in comment, once you were through with your Jason Overstreet bash, you made the comment that conservative hate details. I would submit that details have been the nemesis of people regardless of political leanings for quite some time now.

    For instance you are obviously somewhat to the left of Rep. Overstreet and yet your simple statement that he hates children was lacking in details as well as just show boating and just plain wrong. Even if you claim “voting to allow toxic toys to be imported from China, or voting against vaccination requirements for school children” as the details, I would bet there is another “detail” or aspect of those pieces of legislation that you are leaving out.

    And since you are a progressive and you have left our details should I then say that progressives like to leave out details more than Natalie McClendon likes killing children? I don’t think I would say that, but using your line of reasoning she is a Democrat, she was the Chair so presumably she liked being a Democrat and Democrats support Planned Parenthood which kills unborn children so therefore she must like killing children.

    Riley, the devil is in the details for both sides and everywhere in between. No political leaning is exempt from dealing with details.

    Comment by wally — August 25, 2012 @ 7:14 am

  3. […] 1) Local conservative blogger Garin Wallace who blogs at Wally Wonders Why is apparently a big fan of my work. So much so that he made a whole blog post asking if I am an embarrassment to the local Democratic party. […]

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  4. Wally, i love your blog and your contribution to our community. During the Bush years, I found that W Bush was not controlling the size or debt of government, and those were significant reasons that myself and many others were uncomfortable with the way the iraq war was started and was being paid for with mounting debt. (cutting taxes and raising debt at the same time seemed like an unconservative thing to do). But at that time the official Republican line was to call anyone who opposed the iraq war to be treasonous for “not supporting the president”, and the fun thing to ask was “Why do you hate America” to anyone who complained about W Bush. I don’t like that tactic, and i think that Riley’s sarcasm of “Overstreet hates children”, is a tip of the hat to the Karl Rove years of accusing people of hating something just because of their policy opinion. However… Riley’s point to Joe that conservatives hate details, was proven and emphasized by your posting just a few seconds of a headline grabbing soundbite, and not including… THE DETAILS of the rest of the radio interview.

    Comment by Richard May — August 24, 2012 @ 9:59 am

  5. I would differ with you that any point regarding details was proven with my post. The point of this post was that Joe Teehan and Riley were acting like a couple of circus clowns and that portion of the show was all the detail that was relevant. Also from the way Riley almost broke into tune while bashing Rep. Overstreet, I kinda think that was the only part of his comment that he thought was relevant also.

    I would suggest one detail though, to both of you. Opening with a slap in the face is not a good way to start a conversation.

    Comment by wally — August 25, 2012 @ 7:31 am

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