If I could invent my god he would be…

This could be or maybe is a corollary to yesterday’s post about how so many think that the Christian God is oppressive and strict.

An argument against Christianity that I read often is that Christianity is just a collection of myths or fantasies.

Is it just a collection of myths?

In a sense it is more a collection of peoples experiences and culture drawn on a backdrop of centuries. By one definition this would lend Christianity to be myth.

A traditional, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors, or heroes that serves as a fundamental type in the worldview of a people, as by explaining aspects of the natural world

By that specific definition, I would accept Christianity as a true myth.  There is much physical evidence and many documents that corroborate the Bibles stories. There are copies of many stories from the bible written in several languages dating back thousands of years. So while there is not a video report from an on the scene reporter, there is evidence that the stories are based on facts and actual events.  However, I believe that the naysayers are more likely referring to another definition of myth:

A fictitious story, person, or thing

That definition fits a little better into the next argument that Christianity is all just made up fantasy like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.  So if you can get past the facts and evidence surrounding the historical Bible; does it make sense that Christianity is a fantasy religion based on a fantasy god?

I don’t think it makes sense, because if I were to make up a fantasy religion and a fantasy god things would be a lot easier on me. My God would not be a moral god, he would not be judging, he would not care if I lied cheated, or stole. My god would accept everything I did without judging me. There would be no right and wrong for myself or anyone. We would be like the Unitarian Universalists.

Ours is a liberal religious congregation where each person can search his or her own beliefs and determine what is meaningful or divine.
Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship

Or perhaps I would give into base desires for power and model my fantasy religion to look quite similar to Islam. My fantasy god would ordain me to rule over all the non-Muslims and it would be OK to kill them if they don’t like me or do what I say. And I could terrorize and conquer all those who would not submit to my fantasy god.

But no, the Judeo/Christian god requires much effort, restricts our behaviors so much and puts us into a victim role often enough to make me think that it is not made up. Who would make up a religion and a god that required them to resist there base desires, turn the other cheek and become a whipping post for the worlds problems. I wouldn’t make up that kind of religion. I realize this argument is not a proof, but it does give me pause to wonder as I do from time to time.

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