Is Christianity really oppressive and strict?

Islam preaches a god of submission, Buddha teaches enlightenment, but what about Christianity? Is it really as oppressive and strict as some say?

“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.”

I’ve seen this quote attributed to Richard Bach the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I don’t know where or when though. Of course the redneck version also popped in my head also and I’m not 100% sure who to attribute it to either.

“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t then hunt them down with gun.”

Back to choice. What we choose is what makes us who we are and makes life interesting and fun to live. But I hear so many who think that the Christian view portrays God as very strict and oppressive. How could this be interesting and fun. I would agree that what God wants from us can be tough to measure up to and in a lot of ways it is strict. But the way that God asks us to live is for our own sake not his.

My wife and I make and strictly enforce rules regarding our kids going down near the street. We are being strict and oppressive with them at this point for their own safety. We want to save them from suffering and death. Later when they have grown they will be equipped with what we taught them when they make their own choice in how they approach the street. That’s what parents do; educate our kids to make choices while they are young so they will be ready and able to make good choices when they are grown. I want our kids to have a fun and interesting life full of fun and interesting choices. I don’t want them at any point in their life to choose to walk in front of a speeding car.

God does the same for us and He started that tradition with with Adam & Eve. God didn’t need to put the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, but he did. He warned us against making bad decisions but still allowed us to choose. We are not doomed because of Adam and Eve’s choice. We are set free by it. We are set free to live whatever life we want to lead. He allows us to have what ever kind of fun and interesting life we want and we can make any choice we want. Yet at anytime in our life we are still offered the same choice and same reward as Adam & Eve: We can choose to step in front of the speeding car or we can choose Christ’s forgiveness and an eternal life walking with Him.

God loved us so he set us free. If we go back to him; we can be with him forever.

This doesn’t sound so oppressive and strict.

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6 Responses to “Is Christianity really oppressive and strict?”

  1. B-basic

    There are sign all around us we just don’t seem
    to take the time and notice them, open your
    my fellow christians!!!

  2. My name is Tony Brent Dixon, I felt like an out
    cast at several times in my life. I felt as if
    I was a sorry worthless soul! but then people
    started interacting with me and now I am open
    ing myself up more and letting myself try new
    things, I was hopeless before I thought a lot
    about jumping off a high rise building but then
    people began to respect me and give me the
    attention that people did not give that poor
    young man who shot himself. so just remember
    that those you shut down or shut out of your lives might be the people who need to be noticed and
    loved when we least expect it so we should all
    open our hearts to stose who are lost!!!

  3. Ok, personally I think that Christianity is not
    strict enough in certain area’s such as brother
    hood & sisterhood, why is it that we only come
    together when a tragedy happens or something
    good happens? We should take notice to those
    things and people we take foregranted each and
    everyday of our short meaningful lives. I don’t
    mean to know everything or even seem that way,
    but we need to take notice to those who are
    lost in the shadows and who stand alone every
    one else has the fun and enjoyment. We should
    pray more, out reach our hands more,
    love each other more, and not let theses things of the world over take us in this fastly growing world!

  4. I ask all of you or etleast those of you who can see past his crime to pray, to pray not only for the victims anf they’re family’s but for the gunman who took his own life! He was lost and confused because
    I think he felt as an outcast in his own way because people did not try to interact with him enough possably.

  5. I believe that it is good to think like that
    of someone who would murder or kill others in
    such a way, what I am trying to say is that
    have to sometimes think as a killer would think!
    If I was there at the Virginia Tech school I
    would have tried to stop him from commiting the
    murders but also save him from himself. some
    times anger and depression can over take over
    take our emotions and actions beyond the point
    of sanity and then we do something that may seem
    totally out of control or stupid. I believe he lost all hope and faith of being like anyone else and no one really loved him enough or had given him enough attention!

  6. He wanted all of you to do the research and understand him when it was too late I believe, so he wrote this text on his arm to maybe let us research a great leader or king before our own time that slautered many innocent people in a n act that he thought was right!