I hate to say Spin, but……Spin

This morning I read Students protest racist graffiti(2nd story) in the Herald. I commented on this graffiti a few weeks ago. Students protest racist graffiti (1st story).

In the original story police said that race “was determined not to be an issue in the case” so I hoped it I’d heard the end of it. But why is it that whenever someone says “race” you never hear the end of it.

Here are a few of likely reasons why we never heard the end of it in this case:

Reason #1

There was an outside influence agitating the situation.

(students)…joined up with members of the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force and Western Washington University students and faculty.

Joe Wooding, a WWU student and volunteer with the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force, is working with students to continue the conversation about racism sparked by the vandalism

I wonder if the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force counseled on the school rivalry issue or just the non-issue of racism? And what about Joe Wooding?

After graduating in 2003, Joe served as an educator in the special education program for the Bellingham School District.Currently, Joe is a graduate student in the Master’s In Teaching program at Western Washington University and works for the Center for Educational Pluralism. Joe is a current board member of Project 2050 Project2050

Also found this very apt quote from Joe in a CEP newsletter.

“Creating one’s reality, not passively consuming it, is what democracy is all about and an education is critical to a democratic society.

So does this make the real reality unreal and the unreal created reality real? I assume there is room for us in your reality, but can we take pets? How many bags are we allowed?

I see…

  • Creating reality = SPIN = what democracy is all about = Hokie Pokie

Reason #2

News making SPIN by the Bellingham Herald.

The original article article cites school rivalry as the primary issue and determines race not to be an issue.

Police who interviewed the four students said most of the graffiti was “pro-Bellingham and anti-Sehome,” Lintz said. The vandalism occurred the day before Bellingham’s homecoming football game against Sehome. “There were a couple racial slurs, but that was determined not to be an issue in the case,”

In today’s article however, the reader would think that the graffiti was only racial in nature.

On Oct. 13, police arrested four Bellingham High School boys on suspicion of vandalizing Sehome High the night before, spray painting racial slurs and references to the Ku Klux Klan and causing an estimated $1,200 in damage, according to Bellingham police and court documents.


Reason #3

I missed the new reality bus. It must have come sometime between the police investigation and yesterdays protest.

Reason #4

This is not really a reason, but it is fun. Follow this Project 2050 link and quickly move your mouse on and off the picture several times.  Is the new reality a socialist reality?

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