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Our local media seems to steer clear of any positive stories regarding Iraq, the Middle East and anything to do with the War on Terror.  That is unless there is a sign in the hand of someone standing in the street.  There are positive stories out there every day, but precious few media sources reporting them.  The News Tribune (Tacoma News Tribune) is one of the precious few.

Yesterday they had a very positive article about a man serving locally at Ft. Lewis who is being deployed to Iraq.  The article was positive both because Lt. Gen. James Dubik has a positive attitude and because the Tribune chose to cover his story.

For the past 2-1/2 years Lt. Gen. James Dubik has overseen Fort Lewis’ substantial contribution to the war in Iraq.
Dubik will relinquish command Monday and soon after that fly to Baghdad to take over the effort to train Iraqi military and police forces.

It must take a lot of dedication to give up a post in Washington for one in Iraq.  The report does very effectively address why this man feels he needs to go.

On Friday he said the debate between congressional Democrats and President Bush over the Iraq war spending bill is “very important in a democracy.” But he said setting a date for the withdrawal of U.S. forces would help the enemy and cause harm to American troops.

As a soldier “you start thinking about being the last, potentially the last casualty, and you start losing the sense of aggressiveness and initiative and willingness to move forward that’s required in combat,”

“There is a psychological cost to saying the war is going to end, regardless, on date X.”

I guess it is pretty obvious at this point why stories like this are under reported; they support President Bush and they support a successful direction in Iraq.  I wonder when media will realize that in the current political state of our nation, reporting positively about President Bush and/or Iraq will create a media buzz for them.  You know everyone is bashing, if you want to stand out and be noticed then take a chance.  Oh that was a bit of a digression, but I think it is true.  I have a link to the Tacoma News Tribune and I would encourage you to use it often or make your own bookmark and use it often.  After all where else will you read stuff like this:

“If we’re unwilling to make the sacrifices as a nation on our own behalf for a secure Middle East – and what that means to the West, and what that means to the people who live in the Middle East, in 2007 – what makes us believe things will get better and we won’t have another generation of 5-year-olds in 15 years fighting a much more complex, much more lethal, much more extensive war?” he said.

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