Upholding good news and hiding the bad news

Upholding a ban on same sex marriage is good news.

OLYMPIA – The state Supreme Court will stand by its endorsement of Washington’s gay marriage ban, justices said Wednesday. Wash. court keeps gay-marriage ban

Hiding agendas is bad news. The Bellingham Herald wrote an article Author: U.S. should leave Iraq that hid the true agenda of the author and her backers. Antonia Juhasz was here to promote her book and the agenda of the Institute for Policy Studies(IPS). She praised the city council for their recent anti-war resolution, but apparently didn’t mention that the resolution was written by IPS. I emailed John Stark to see why he left out this important piece of information. I’ll let you know what he says.

She urged her mostly student audience to be active in efforts to oppose the war, and she praised the Bellingham City Council for passing an anti-war resolution. Dozens of other cities have done the same, and federal politicians are beginning to pay attention, she said.

“I think these resolutions are incredibly powerful, and they send a message about the war,” Juhasz said Author: U.S. should leave Iraq

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