Ironic Twist

This evenings Liberal Outpost such a classic that I almost titled this post Moronic rather than Ironic. Due to some sort of a mix up Joe was without a guest and unfortunately for us he decided to take on the show with a non-stop hour long whinefest. That’s whinefest with an h. Whine about President Bush, whine about Cheney, whine about coddling illegals, whine, whine, whine; 35 minutes of monologue whine. Not a constructive comment or proposal to be heard. Just whining. Did I mention he was whining.

I was just about to sit down and write a letter to KGMI when Joe took a call screeching the whine away train to a halt. Then another call left Joe with slack sails and I’m not out of cliche’ or literary devices yet but the last caller of the evening; Deus ex machina; the ghost punked Joe by acting out an urban myth. The one about the British woman phoning up to make sure we were ready for her family’s move to our country by providing her husband a job; one of ours will do, her children an education; free of course, free medical care; she is pregnant, and lastly a spot for her flag; above ours will do.  I’m not sure whether Joe knew he had been had.  He just  said she was being extreme. Now that’s the pot calling the kettle black. Lucky for the caller they were only pretending to be a kettle.


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