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May 1, 2007

What else were the kids up to down at the college?

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And this time I’m not talking about the students. It’s probably fresh in everyones mind that the State Democrats met recently and decided follow caucus results not primaries, but is it as fresh in your mind that in the same meeting they also passed a resolution promoting desertion in the military? If you’re like me it couldn’t be fresh because you never heard about it. Thanks to WhackyNation I now have the rest of the story and you do too.

BELLINGHAM – Leaders of the state Democratic Party voted overwhelmingly Saturday to support Lt. Ehren Watada, the Fort Lewis officer who refused orders to serve in Iraq.

“We support and commend Lt. Ehren Watada for his courage, moral leadership, and commitment to duty demonstrated by his act of resistance to the continued costly, destructive and immoral U.S. military occupation of Iraq,” the resolution said.

Watada is awaiting a court-martial in July. The central committee’s resolution calls on Washington Democrats in Congress to help him.

The News Tribune

Glorifying deserters, legalizing drugs, releasing felons, erasing borders; it continues to be beyond my comprehension why anyone thinks Democratic Party ideals are good for our county, state or our nation.

Oh there was at least one ray of hope in Mike Carnahan, a Democratic Central Committee member from Clark County who spoke against the Watada resolution.

It’s an all-volunteer military, he said. “I find it offensive as, a veteran, to have him doing what he’s doing”

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