May Day Mayday

Mayday! Mayday! I repeat Mayday! Mayday! we are going down!

Are there really successful borderless nations? I saw a lot of United Without Borders signs in photos from yesterdays rallies. How does that really work? It sounds like a nice concept. Will it work in the Middle East? Will it work at the southern end (can’t say border) of Mexico?

KGMI reported 200 at the rally, the Herald reported 150, is reporting 250. It doesn’t matter much what the number was; the message is the same. 150-250 people, some holding signs reading Immigants Work are trying to show they are hardworking people just trying to provide a home and an education for their family. Curious that they would do this by not actually going to work and not actually sending their kids to school yesterday.

Councilman Terry Borneman said it all as he, apparently not at work, addressed the rally of those also apparently not at work.

β€œIt is the new immigrants who always remind us of the importance of hard work,” Bornemann said. β€œNew immigration brings new energy.”

The group then marched back to Cornwall Park for a potluck fiesta.


Oops! I’ve been reminded. I had better quit writing and get to work; we have immigrant families to support.

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